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In the year 2000, the Ford SUV family of names, beginning with “E”, was complemented by another model: Escape. The work for the creation of this car began in 1997, but Ford has analyzed for a long time how huge a small SUV can be, and whether Escape will become just a small-scale product. The car was created in conjunction with the Mazda Motor Corp. In terms of dimensions, it is larger than the Grand Cherokee of 165 mm, the exhaust is 4394 mm long The body of the bearing and the direction of the rudder design provide a better handling and fuel saving. Off-road properties Ford Escape guarantees a transmission with a permanent transmission to both axes, while the driver can lock the central differential and then the torque is distributed in a 50/50 ratio. Gamma motors represented by two. The basic version is equipped with a Zetec of 4 liters and 130 horsepower and 4 cylinders. As an option, 3 liters Duratec V-shaped 200 horsepower and 6 cylinders are offered. Front-wheel drive, but, again as an option, it can be complete.

Photo Ford Escape

5-speed manual transmission as standard with a 2.0-liter engine.Zetec or automatic in the configuration with the 3.0 l engine.Duratec V-6. The front axle is equipped with a MacPherson strut with reinforced lower arms. The rear suspension, unlike many colleagues, becomes independent. Standard for the XLT package and made to measure for the XLS, the four-channel ABS is logically complemented by an electronic system for redistributing the braking force. Chassis Escape is a joint development of Ford and the Japanese Toyota Corporation. In addition, it is almost entirely taken from the Mazda Tribute. This is done to reduce the cost of producing components, due to their interchangeability.

Photo Ford Escape

Externally, the Escape is quite sporty, easy to drive and relatively economical in fuel consumption. Load capacity at altitude, the best car cover for sun and heat will help transport both a small boat and a snowmobile. As of the summer of 2004, the year of the 2005 Escape model, equipped with a hybrid engine, was manufactured at the Ford plant in Kansas City. The modification is called Escape Hybrid. It is equipped with two power units: gasoline and electric. The first four-cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection capacity of 2 liters capacity of 127 liters.c. The second has a power of 65 kW. The battery that supplies it is under the boot floor. The motors are used together and separately. The source of traction is electronics. During acceleration both engines work.

Photo Ford Escape

The electric motor helps the gas buddy, reducing fuel consumption. In cruise mode, the internal combustion engine recharges the electric battery. During braking, a special recovery system takes the thermal energy from the brakes, converts it to electric and recharges the battery. At stops, the gasoline engine shuts down automatically and the air conditioner, audio system and other devices are battery operated. The main advantage of the hybrid Escape is its efficiency: it provides the same dynamics as the flagship Escape with a V6 engine, while spending much less fuel. The same options are available for the Escape Hybrid, the body colors and the gearbox. In addition to the usual Escape, the hybrid is available not only in its entirety, but also in the monoprivodnom version. The second generation Ford Escape crossover has two different versions. The Asian version is produced in Taiwan since 2006 and was sold in the Russian market from 2008 to 2010. The Russian version of the Escape has received a 16-valve Duratec engine in 4-cylinder line with a capacity of 2.3 liters and 145 hp.

Photo Ford Escape

With automatic transmission of 4 speeds.Tightening torque – 200 Nm at 4000 rpm. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 12.1 s. The maximum speed of 161 km / h. The engine is quite economical and conforms to Euro-4 standards. The Ford Escape of North America was made since 2008 at a plant in Missouri. It is designed for gasoline engines 2.5 and V6 3.0 with a capacity of 171 and 240 hp. respectively The transmission can be mechanical or automatic, and the unit can be forward or complete. In our country, these cars are not officially supplied. The European and American versions look completely different, although they are built on the same platform. On the outside of the Asian version of Escape, experts from the Ford Design and Technology Center in Taiwan worked. The design was the most sober and simple. The exterior does not shine with bright details. Strict forms of the classic truck – front strut slightly inclined and vertical back.

Photo Ford Escape

It is an elegant plastic body kit in a circle slightly outside the general canvas, but it shines in an attractive way with a wide chrome grille, which extends from the left to the right headlight. Inside, everything is as simple as possible, but decent enough: practical and cheap plastic, “gray” velvet. An important factor for a family car is the space in the cabin. In Escape plenty of space for comfortable passenger accommodation. A wide range of settings and a high ceiling allow you to sit comfortably behind the wheel, even for a tall person. Behind there will be no close trio. As for the trunk, with a car length of 4.5 m, a sufficient volume is allocated for the luggage. To load dimensional things, you must lift the fifth door and you can throw a little through a rear window that opens separately. Escape 2008 has lost the ability to rigidly lock the differential, in exchange for receiving an electric clutch and an intelligent four-wheel drive system. It allows you to interfere with the work of the transmission: by pressing the “4×4” button on the console, you can install a permanent four-wheel drive without a variable moment distribution between the axles. The short projections and a good ground clearance of 201 mm make the Escape less vulnerable on stretches of bad roads. In addition to a suspension of long duration and intensive use of energy, which behaves with the same confidence in both asphalt and hits.

The front and rear suspension of the Ford Escape multi-link. Front McPherson with stabilizer bars, rear – with transverse and double longitudinal levers. For the first time on Ford models, an electric power steering (EPAS) appeared here. The level of passive and active safety is increased: in all cars a set of six pillows and curtains, belt pretensioners is installed, as well as a patented Advance Trac dynamic motion stabilization system with the RSC function (which avoids turning when ascending ). Time does not stop, already in 2009, Escape experienced a restyling. If, on the outside, the car has changed slightly, then the interior has been seriously modified. All the aerodynamic changes in the exterior pursued an objective: to reduce the consumption of fuel. A deeper front wing and a small rear spoiler, in front of the rear wheels, streamlined the car from the approaching airflow. The update also affected the interior by adding new composite materials. There are also new soundproofing materials that contribute to a significant reduction in the noise level in the cabin. As before, Ford remained true to himself: all the keys are large and distinct.

The management tools of various systems are clearly visible and, if necessary, illuminated. The standard audio system can play MP3 discs, in addition to AM and FM, there is also a Sirius satellite radio. An additional jack allows you to connect an external audio device. The system also has voice control, USB port. Between the seats appeared a spacious niche where you can put a small laptop or purse. The rear monolithic seat is slightly delineated in two sections, but the passenger sitting in the center will hardly notice it or feel the comfort of the landing. Thanks to the folding rear seats (60/40), you can significantly increase the capacity of the boot. The global changes have touched the engine. An economic engine of 2.5 liters and 171 horsepower and 4 cylinders is now available in the range. The 3-cylinder, 3-liter V engine has been modified, raising its power to 240 horsepower at 6,550 rpm. Ford Escape 2019, one of the SUV trucks preferred for its equipment, safety features, comfort and for having the most powerful engine in the segment. Meet the Model 2019 and discover the innovations that this vehicle has to take you to enjoy the adventure with comfort, power and excellent connectivity.

The SUV Ford Escape Truck 2019

Design of Ford Escape 2019

VistaRoof ® Panoramic Roof

Shift Paddles

Folding seats 60/40

8-inch touch screen in center console, equipped with SYNC ® 3 with Apple CarPlay ™, Android Auto ™ and Waze

LED Daytime Running Lights

18 “Aluminum Wheels

The SUV Ford Escape 2019 Truck offers a great driving experience, because it performs well in any type of terrain where you need it. It has LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) that allow it to be more visible even in conditions where there is good lighting and 18-inch aluminum Bi-tone wheels that are light and resistant, no doubt an element you want to have with you in the adventure .

Comfort that takes you to the Adventure

Escape 2019 is equipped with 8-inch Touch Screen, equipped with SYNC ® 3 (compatible with CarPlay ™, Android Auto ™) and Waze, which allows you to control various functions of your car and Smartphone from the screen or with voice commands. Among the most useful comforts of Ford Escape 2019, we find the paddles of change at the wheel, the VistaRoof ® panoramic roof , which will allow you to interact with nature from inside the truck, and the folding seats 60/40 that give This SUV is the versatility to carry everything you can imagine.

Enjoy the Experience

Ford Escape 2019 Technology

Engine 2.0L Turbo EcoBoost ® of 245HP and 270 Lb / foot

Auto Start-Stop System

Cajuela “Open Sesame”

Being a vehicle fit for adventure, Ford Escape 2019 integrates among its technologies the automatic opening trunk “Open Sesame” with which you can store bulky objects without having to leave them on the floor or juggle them to open your trunk: just do a gesture with the foot in the lower part of the defense so that the gate opens and closes for you.

Show your Ford Escape around the City

Regarding fuel savings, Ford Escape 2019 has the Auto Start-Stop system, a technology that shuts off the engine when it stops altogether and turns it on smoothly and silently when you release the brake. This system is very useful if you want to save gas and have sustainable management. In the same way, the EcoBoost ® Turbo Engine adds power with its 2.0L, 245 Horsepower and 270 lb.-ft. of torque.

Elegant and dynamic design

Safety of Ford Escape 2019

Sensors and Reverse Camera

7 Air Bags

Smart Access without the use of a Key (PEPS)

In conjunction with the equipment for your driving, Ford Escape 2019 has Camera and Reverse Sensors that will help you stay safe, 7 Airbags that will take care of all the passengers when avoiding displacements in a collision, and Smart Access without the use of a Key (PEPS) ) that adds a touch of luxury to your safety.